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How can we control obesity in pets?

How can we control obesity in pets?

November 2,2021

1. Control your diet.  Don't overfeed your pets. Don't feed them anything other than meals.  


2. Control your starch intake.  Many pet owners will give their pets some bread, biscuits, rice and other starch rich food, these pets can eat, but eating too much will cause starch accumulation, forming obesity.  

3. Increase exercise.  Increase the intensity of the training, which will not only lose weight, but also improve the skills of pets.  


4.To scientific feeding, know what can eat, what can not eat.  For example, they can't eat sweet or salty foods.  Remember that overindulgence is not true love.  Scientific feeding is the best love for them.

Regular feeding of DOG CHEWS can also clean your DOG's mouth and reduce food intake. 

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